AWGP Chennai
  Our Mission and Vision


"Spirituality is the science of consciousness, and religion is the art of living."

Change is the perennial law of nature, and the new millennium has indeed unfolded in unprecedented moments of change. After various industrial, scientific, and economic revolutions, the time has now come for a spiritual revolution. Without this, we cannot begin to dream of happiness.


It is necessary to have a good education, comfortable life, and various means of entertainment. But it is meaningless if not guided by wisdom and if we do not integrate science with spirituality. Stress, psychological disorders, pollution, depleted natural resources, and lack of faith -- all of these tell us that our current way of life is not sustainable.


The paths that most of us tread, the way of life most of us have adopted, must be changed. Otherwise it will become harder and harder for us to face the inevitable.      


The bell of change is ringing. It is time that we awaken, change our attitude, and expand our sensitivities to the call of the time spirit...
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