AWGP Chennai
  Plan of Action

  1. Weekly discussion of study groups to deepen their understanding of the Super Science of Gayatri to awaken the hidden potential/paranormal powers.

  2. Spiritual camps.

  3. Nation-building project Theatre.

  4. Adventure and trekking.

  5. Organising camps and rallies, Bhajan etc.

  6. Collective  chanting of Gayatri Mantra with Gurudev.

  7. Bali Vaisya / Yagya presenation in maximum no of houses.

  8. Yoga, Sadhana, Antah oorja  activation camp at DSVV/ at highly charged places in Summer vacations.

  9. Membership drive.

  10. Listening Amratvani of Gurusatta and  Dr. Pranav  and didiji.

  11. Book fair- To reach Banks, Mandapam on auspicious occasions.

  12. Workshop- Corporate, school/colleges-Teachers/students, Yoga- stress/time  management.

  13. Discussion for unique solution of the Problems on regular basis.

  14. Celebration of Birth Day and marriage anniversery at our Centre.

  15. Minutes to be prepared timely,  press release in time – Sarthak.

  16. Code of conduct/ Dress.

  17. Standardisation of the presentations.
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